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www.gmail.com Login Sign In – Sing in – Sign up For New Gmail Account Page : Gmail is an email service provided by Google. Gmail beta version release was on April 1,2004 initially Gmail offered 1 GB memory space per user which was considerably huge in those days. In July 2009 this service got upgraded from beta version to fully established mailing service and was made available to all the internet users.

www.gmail.com sign in Account Page :

www.gmail.com Login - Sign Up

www.gmail.com sign in

www.gmail.com Login – Sign Up

Using Gmail you can exchange your files containing text,images. audio and video information. Each mail can be upto 25 MB including the attachments which may be files as discussed above.In may 2013 Storage space allocated to each user is increased to 15 GB for free which includes Gmail , Google Drive and Google+ photos andpaid plans are available for up to 30 TB. Gmail outnumbered all its fellow mailing services like Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail etc..

As on june 2012 Gmail has over 425 million users and is used by 45 different states by government agencies and 66 out of 100 best universities in US are using it.


  • The first thing lots and lots of Free Storage Space using which you can store your Documents,Images,Videos within the 15 GB space allocated to you includes Gmail,Google Drive and G+ photos.
 Sign up For Gmail
  • Customized Inbox View which separates Social Activity,Promotional Mails, Updates and Forums from your Primary/Personal Mails,a glimpse of it is shown below
  • Custom themes – You can set your own theme by selecting one among the predefined Themes or You can set your own Image as a Theme.The number of themes has been increased from 35 to infinity.
  • Group Chat – Yes Gmail allows you to have a group chat with more than one friends for this you just need to click on Add Friends to Chat Icon.
  • Voice Call – You can make voice calls using Gmail for this you need click on a Online Friend name and then again click on Voice Call icon
  • Video Hangouts – You can simply turn any conversation into a video hangout which can include upto 10 friends for this you just need to click on start a video call button
  • Mark all your important conversations using star and important label which highlights the important conversations and differentiates them from the rest.
  • View Attachments Instantly – whenever you receive a which consists of attachments like images text files and videos. Gmail allows you directly see them and you can even same directly to your Google Drive. There’s no need of downloading and again uploading the same
  • Talk across Devices – Using google hangouts you have conversation with users on different devices like Desktops, Apple and Android Devices
  • Switching between Multiple Accounts is also available,many of us might be holding multiple gmail accounts for personal and business use.Now if you wish to move to another account then you need not log out and again login from other account simply click on your photo and click add account.
  • You can add several additional features by enabling Labs. These labs are the experimental features which are still in Beta State some of the exciting labs are
Undo Send Pictures in chat Unread message icon Google Maps previews in mail Google Voice player in mail Picasa previews in mail

Gmail Account Sign up – Sign In – New

After going through the services and features provided by Gmail you might be itching to get a Gmail Account.So here I am to help you on how to Create a Gmail Account
  • Go to www.GMail.com or click here Gmail and you will be redirected to page as Login page.
  • Click on create an account then you will be redirected to a page containing a form. You need to fill it then click on next step as shown below
  • Well now you are almost done with it. Just click on continue for 4 times that’s it you now own a Gmail Account
  • You just need to enter your Gmail ID and password to login from the next use
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