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Google gravity is the place where you can expect everything else that you would probably see from google. This is the place where all the web pages would fall down or turn upside down and in general do stuff that it probably shouldn’t. Here all the contents that you type in or do in the web page are about subjected to the gravitational pull because science. Thus you can expect that the search results would act quite differently than they usually should. This trick was first created in the year of 2013 in order to have some fun while online and now there are many such tricks online which are available. These tricks and stuff consists of various kinds of entertaining stuffs that are bound to entertain as well as at the same time puzzle any person who has got some mind blowing ideas for fun. With Google gravity one will easily be able to confuse any person and convert his or her time worthwhile in doing something unique as well as crazy to make the person’s day.

Google Gravity Underwater

The tricks are just mind blowing and are sincerely over the top. You can sure be baffled by these google gravity apps and websites that have been created recently in order to entertain the people and make them learn something new about this weird internet as well. So if you have been looking out for trying out something new on the internet lately then it is your time to work out and look into this stuff and start working out on this.

We have created a list of the websites that you should check out along with a detailed review of the same so that you know what you’ll be looking at before trying it out.




  • Google zero gravity

This is a very interesting concept made in order to baffle the minds of the people who use and this is where google gravity works and makes the entire contents related to a web page get overturned. This also includes the images as well as text and is a really interesting feat if you watch it yourself. If you type in any sentence or word which is in any way related to this anti gravity search engine procedure by google into the text box of the search engine then you would be amazed to see the text being written in a mirror like reverse order.

Also one of the other interesting thing about this search engine is that in this gravity google search engine procedure, when you would hit the enter button from your keyboard after typing in the keyword of the search, the given results would appear in the reverse order and also it would appear in a jumbled manner confusing the person at first if the person does not know this. This is a really interesting phenomenon as the contents would all just be bouncy and reversed. Also you can check out this Google Gravity to fool your friends as well as family into thinking that they are searching from google and then show them this interesting phenomenon.

Link –


  • Google Guitar

This is a web based app that will allow you to easily play guitar on the infamous search engine page. With this trick you can turn in your tunes and work with your guitar tricks and work with your enthrals of a guitar as per your aptitude. Interestingly you can play various famous tunes like Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Forest Gump, Harry Potter if you have the skills to do so using this web based app. And the best thing about this web based app is that Google would provide you with all the correct notes for these tunes so that you can impress all your mates.

So here’s the link for this app –


  • Google Gravity Underwater

This is a really simple yet top of the line underwater trick by google gravity technique which will show you a beautiful and intriguing background that will consist of a virtual yet life like underwater sea which will be filled with various types of different species of fishes. You will be able to see the contents of the web pages in a floating manner along with life like animations in the background which would work together in order to display a good and interesting under water experience like the old google gravity website most of the anti gravity google website works is done by the same script and the developer of this app is also the same as the old one and he has worked different ways to make a good app that will help you to fool around with all your friends and make them baffled by this simple yet interesting web based app for all kinds of device and all portable one’s too at the same time.

Link to see into the app is here –


  • Google Space

This is yet another app from the same developer and this time it is called as the Google Gravity Space. This is  yet another interesting and awesome trick which guarantees to make you think and look twice so that you can confirm what all you are seeing here. Here all the very contents that would be present in the web pages would be floating here and there just like as if the text was in space and without any gravity pull at all. This is to show as a simulation about how people would behave when they would be in the outer space without any gravity at all. This is by far the best google gravity trick that I could give to you. When you would be searching for any kind of a particular keyword for searching, well then the search result would behave in a kind of a floating manner like that you see in sci-fi movies and stuff. The contents that you would be viewing would all be literally turning upside down and floating in a peculiar manner and however it would most prominently try to stimulate the viewer to search in google in the non-gravitational space. You will be showcase this amazing app to all your friends if you follow our link and thus in the manner check out this Google Gravitational trick. This can be done by following the given link below –

Link –


  • Google Sphere

In  the very much subtle Google Sphere web based app you will be able to watch a very interesting feat or a magic trick of sorts if you may like to put it in that way. The contents that you search in would be circulating all around in the window in a sphere shape along with the search results floating and moving in a sphere shape too. All this would happen when you will be hovering over the mouse over the page and this would make page go basically go from stable to all haywire and make you wonder a lot. Basically this google gravity trick is very unique and the same time the trick is quite difficult for searching for a single thing as the very links present in the search page would be spinning and whirling around along with the movement of the mouse and you would have a great amount of trouble in clicking on the right link so this seems to be an amazing way to have some fun with all your friends and fool them around. To witness this app you would be required to go to the following link and make some changes and also have a look on this.

Link –


  • Do a barrel roll

This is one of the simple command and easter eggs that the google website offers to be experienced by all its users and make things go haywire for all the users. Well this google gravity technique is one of the very first that was developed by google them and this would provide a fast spin to all the web pages in a single stroke to kick start the things for you. For doing this simple yet amazing trick one is required  to open up the web page and then type in the word “Do a Barrel Roll” in the search text bar and then wait and watch for things to unfold on them literally. When the results would appear you would all be quite amaze and one can experience the barrel roll as the pages would perform on your instructions and also this feat would look quite appealing to a person who is literally very new to this kind of stuff around the world.

This doesn’t require any other external link and can be done very directly by just typing in this command to the google search text bar and make it do the feat without any external efforts so you can go on and fool around anyone you would like.


  • Google Tilt

The google tilt trick or just the “Tilt” shows the search results in a tilted manner and is not quite interesting but still the developers have found a way around to fool the people and make them search for their necessities in a tilted web page. For checking out this incredible yet simple google tilt trick, all the user will be required to do is type the word “tilt” in Google search page and then hit the enter option in your device or the web browser as well. After doing this all the given results would be shown in a way in which you can see that the results would be quite different from the normal search engine based results and also the results would appear in a tilted manner making things tough to view for you.

You can also go to this website and then follow the searching procedure to fool your friends and bosses around and make them baffled and interested in this new and interesting thing of all sorts –

The link is as follows –


  • Google Flat fall

This trick is very much similar to the ‘Google no Gravity’ and yet this one has a very different title than the original Google Gravity Fall. This is an updated version of the old google no gravity app. This is one of the most interesting trick where all the search results that you see along with all the images would get attracted and also at the same time get directed due to the very similar “ gravitational pull” of the earth! Basically all that this app would do is keep the objects from bouncing around and then falling on the ground of the web page at the same time. You will be able to experience this amazing Google trick by visiting the below link. So be a good sport and go ahead to try out this amazing trick to freak all your friends and colleagues out and make them worried and share some laughs.

Here’s the link –


  • Zerg Rush

This is a simple yet addicting trick that you would be able to find in the google search engine built in for all its purposes and making it a good sport for all. Basically everything starts breaking off into single letters and you have to tap on these letters to make them pop and enjoy the game at the same time. This trick can be activated when you type in Zerg Rush in the google search engine text bar and work your way around the things.


  • Pacman Game In google


Well we all miss the good old arcade days when pacman was the new shiz and people were mad about it. Well some geeks are still mad about the game and want to experience it again and again but they can’t find a way to get access to this game online. Well don’t worry google has got you covered and all you have to do is follow this simple trick and you will be good to go with this new and amazing web based app for your device as well as web browser.

Just follow this link and you will be fine –



These were some of our top picks for the tricks that google and third party developers offer us the users for fun purposes. Thus fulfil their motives and make sure that you spend your time having fun these apps.

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