How To Find Song Name You’re Listening To

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which you can’t remember the name of the song that is playing around you somewhere but you desperately want to know the name of the song? Well then we’ve got some good news for you forgetful lads as we have brought you a list of apps that will not only provide you with the name of the song that you are listening to or what song is this but also give you the lyrics of the song to sing along while it plays in the background. This is not only one of the most demanded utilities of all times but also the most prized possessions by people.

Find Song Name You’re Listening To


Finding a name of the song and telling it to your friends can sometimes be seriously important if you wish to show off your playlists and get some good reps but what’s the use when you can’t remember the names of the songs. So some people out there have taken care of this issue for you and have made some good and intriguing apps that will help you know what song you are listening to and also the further lyrics too.

So without further ado let’s have a look at the features that some of these apps provide and which are common to all of these apps.

  1. The first feature which is common to these type of applications is that it is meant to show you the lyrics of the song that you are listening to and even the name of the song along with the writer of the song or called as the lyricist and also the singer of the songs and from which movie or album the songs belong to.
  2. These apps are background apps mostly and won’t hamper your regular usage and can be turned off if you wanted to.
  3. No ADS. These applications are background apps themselves and hence having ADS would make them even worse so it is good news that these type of ADS do not come with those irritating ADS.
  4. Apps are easy to find and can be installed without any up front hassles and you can have them with you all the time without any problems.
  5. All these apps would require you to have an active internet connection either through mobile data or through wifi. Both ways it uses very little amount of internet and hence you should not be worried about the internet usage that you may incur.

So now let’s have a look at some of the apps that offer these features that we have talked here.

We’ll be listing here only the best of the best so you don’t waste your time searching for the apps that you have been wishing to have to reduce your song identification problems and thus make your life a lot better and also these would help you flaunt your songs in front of your puny friends.


This is the first app in our list of top 3 apps which would help you identify the song playing along with the lyrics so that you can sing along to the song which is playing.

SHAZAM is one of the most advanced and one of the oldest song identifying apps that have been around since the year 2011. This app was first designed for peer to peer music and lyrics sharing and later it started taking shape to become what it is now. I personally use this app and this app has never let me down even once so I thus would like to recommend you this app.


The next addition to this list is soundhound which is also a quite relatively old app which has been around just a few weeks earlier than shazam. SoundHound was earlier a desktop app to identify the app which was playing within the system but since then this app has evolved a lot. It now allows you to sing a rhyme from a song and then it tries to accurately identify the song by matching it in its database. This is a really cool feature which is expected from these type of apps. I recommend these to all those who tend to go to parties but have no idea of the songs which are being played there.


This is one of the original apps which had been launch far back in the day and identified everything from lyrics to singer an lyricists and even the movie or album from which the song was. The interface of this app was earlier quite boring but after its addition to android it has changed a lot. The interface is very fluid and is very flexible too and you will not have any idea that the app is even running as it uses very little ram as compared to the others in this list.



In conclusion I would like to say you all that the three apps that we have mentioned here are really top of the line and are designed for different kinds of people. So I would suggest that you read the description of each and everyone and find out which one is best suited for you so that you can make a right decision by choosing the best of all for all your music identification needs.

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