Easy Fix For FitBit Syncing Problem

Well the fitbit is a growing demand and technologically advanced machine and it has been making a lot of buzz in the past few months. Well today we are here to resolve the issues of the people who are facing some problems with their fitbit devices. It has been widely reported that people are just now unable to tolerate the sheer pain that the fitbit is causing them.

FitBit sync

The fitbit though at first was seen to be a very useful device is now being considered a pain in the ass for the people who own in due to one single fact and which is that it doesn’t sync with your devices at all at some times and even if it does it has very less connectivity. So today we are here to address this issue and also I feel that we should do something in order to provide a solution for these issues to all our valuable readers of the articles.

FitBit Syncing Problem And Solution

The fitbit problem viz. my fitbit won’t sync is nothing new, it is very common for all the devices which have been around here for a while and I think that it is not going to go anytime soon. We have the technology but these cheaper devices tend to not be put together with utter care than the other devices.

This one is really a good device but the lack of the Bluetooth capabilities of this device make it a bad choice. Other similar fitness trackers too tend to have similar issues, just like the XIAOMI MI BAND, that too is a cheap and useful fitness tracker with many uses but isn’t quite the very best when it comes to the fact that the device itself isn’t helping its users but instead is giving them no clues about what they can actually do with it.

So, without any further ado let’s have a look at the troubleshooting process.


Well the procedure is quite simple and if you follow it you may be able to put aside the things that had been happening with the device and you may even be able to get the better part of using the device and that too without any hassles. I feel that it would be best done after making sure that you have enough juice in the device and by this, I mean that you have enough charge or battery percentage in your device.

Now you should follow the below given steps –

  1. Now after you have made sure about this and found that your device doesn’t have enough charge then you can do this while charging as well.
  2. So firstly, plug in your fitbit to a charger and connect it to a power source like a computer or a wall adapter.
  3. Now you should hold the button which is present on the left side of the device and keep it just like that for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  4. After this you are going to see the fitbit logo along with the version number.
  5. Unplug the device and I think at this point you are good to go.


This should virtually resolve any problems with the fitbit charge and charge 2. So, you are good to go now and ready to have fun with your device.

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